NFL Mid-Season Awards

Here is one amateur sportscasters opinion on who should take home the hardware in the NFL.

MVP: Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

I know everybody in the world thinks that this should be Aaron Rodgers, but really, it’s been obvious how much of an impact that Stafford has had on the Lions. They’ve gone from a 6 win team, to a likely wild card playoff spot, and it’s all been because Matt Stafford is healthy this year. An improved O-line could mean a Lions Super Bowl very soon.

Defensive Player of the Year: Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings

A whole bunch of people said that Allen was done this offseason. Allen has shown in the past that he likes to prove his critics, and he’s shown it with 12.5 sacks so far this season, as well as being a force against the run.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

Speaking of no-brainers…well, we weren’t, but we are now. This could be a unanimous vote, and it’s obvious why. Newton has proved many people wrong this year (including myself), and is arguably a top 5 QB in the entire league, let alone rookies. Newton will have multiple titles as soon as Carolina gets a defense.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Von Miller, DE, Denver Broncos

Miller has been a wrecking ball off the edge this year. He probably got another sack while I wrote this. Maybe not, but his combination of speed and athleticism make him very tough for opposing lineman to handle. He has 7 sacks so far this season, which is impressive considering how much teams run on the Broncos.

Comeback Player of the Year: Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

Congratulations Matt Stafford! You get two awards! After missing almost all of last season with various injuries, Stafford will also take home the Comeback Player of the Year award to pur on the shelf next his his MVP award.

Coach of the Year: Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers

Harbaugh has done an excellent job this year, making his defense one to fear, and making Alex Smith a manageable QB. The 49ers have gone from a bottom feeder to looking at a first round bye in the playoffs. He also does awesome end of game handshakes! I think this may be a no-brainer by years end.